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At Imaginary Landscape we take open source software seriously. We've used Python since 1999 and Django since 2007. Open source software is a lifeline of sorts, as without it our jobs would be significantly more difficult, and expensive. That's why we try to give back where and when we can. We are multi-year sponsors of PyCon and DjangoCon. We also sponsor Django sprints in Chicago, as well as sponsoring and hosting ChiPy and Chicago Djangonauts meetings.  We have a history of open source enthusiast employees - many open source luminaries have passed through our doors as employees or contractors.  Perhaps most importantly though, we give back by contributing code to the community.

Below you'll find a couple of complete projects we've released under open source licenses as well as a listing of existing projects we've contributed back to recently.


JobBoard is an application that leverages Django to create an easy-to-use job posting board. It allows companies to post job openings and allows users to post resumes. It features a moderation system to help reduce potential spam and unwanted posts. This application is currently released under the BSD License. You can learn more about it, and follow the development of JobBoard at its GitHub repository.


DjangoNews is a news application that we built internally, and recently open sourced. It allows companies or individuals to create news stories in a quick, easy manner, along with the ability to 'feature' news stories. We incorporated the ability to attach images to stories, and leverage TinyMCE for easy WYSIWYG editing. DjangoNews is currently released under the BSD License. You can learn more about the project and follow its development at the DjangoNews GitHub repository.

But wait, there's more

In addition to the above, we've noodled around with some other helpful tools.  All of our open source projects can be found on our main Github page.

Projects We're Involved In

Django CMS

The site you're currently looking at is actually built using Django CMS. During the development of this site we ran into a few minor hiccups here and there, and as a result had to make some adjustments. This lead to a number of small contributions to the trunk of Django CMS. You can follow the Django CMS project's development at their GitHub repository.

Django Schedule

Django Schedule is an application we stumbled upon while looking for calendar applications for one of our clients. We've submitted a couple of changes back to this project as we evaluated it for our needs. We hope to leverage this project more in the future, and thus make more contributions to it down the road. They also have a GitHub repository you can follow to keep up to date with development.

Django YaBa

YaBa (yet another blog application) is a blog engine built by a former developer that was originally crafted outside of work. We found a use for the application on this site as our blogging application, and as a result we pushed a number of changes back to the trunk. The company's use of it has helped add a lot of stability to YaBa, making it a more solid blog application.

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