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The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum


Quick List

  • The name says it all!
  • Engaged Imaginary Landscape in 2012 for assistance in upgrading and managing their site


CentOS, Nginx, MySQL, Gunicorn, Supervisor, Nagios, JQuery, django-extensions, django-poloymorphic, South, OAuth and django_mobile.  Third-party Integrations: Twitter REST API, Instagram API, ShareThis, ReCaptcha, Masonry, Infinite Scroll and Fancybox. Hosting: Client-managed.

Varieties of Democracy Project


Quick List

  • Based at the University of Notre Dame and the University of Gothenburg
  • One of the largest social science data collection projects in the world
  • Multi-lingual website with comprehensive data visualization
  • Imaginary Landscape selected as web development firm of record in 2014


Ubuntu LTS, Nginx, Supervisord, Gunicorn, PostgreSQL, Redis, PgBouncer, Elasticsearch, Tika, Fabric, RQ, Saltstack, DjangoCMS and Filer, django-rq, django-haystack, boto, django-compressor, django-extensions, aldryn-search, south, pyelasticsearch, Pillow and django-i18n-model. Third-party Integrations: FileMakerPro. Hosting: Rackspace Cloud and Boston University.

OSF HealthCare

OSF HealthCare.jpg

Quick List

  • Large healthcare system including nine hospitals, two colleges, medical group and a variety of related businesses
  • Came to Imaginary in 2005 for assistance with a customized employment application
  • Became web development firm of record in 2007

Technology Highlights

Red Hat Enterprise Linux, 60 individual virtualenvs running Django and Apache, 3 servers running PostgreSQL, Python Paste, Zope Templates, Supervisord, PostGIS and GeoDjango, Beautifulsoup, lxml, django-cumulus, django-endless-pagination, django-tagging and sorl-thumbnail.  Third-party integrations: PayflowPro, Google Custom Search Engine (CSE) with multi-site search and local site search and ReCaptcha.  Hosting: Rackspace dedicated server with CloudFiles.

First American Bank


Quick List

  • Illinois-chartered, privately held, full-service bank with $3.4 billion in assets
  • 50 locations in Illinois and Florida offering personal, business and wealth management solutions
  • Imaginary Landscape client since 2008


Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Nginx, MySQL (with replication), Gunicorn, Supervisord, jQuery, DjangoCMS, South, django-compressor and django-reversion. Hosting: Client-managed VPN on virtualized servers in provate datacenter.

CloudOne Corporation


Quick List

  • Indianapolis-based startup specializing in managing IBM SaaS tools on behalf of large enterprise clients
  • Monitors, tracks and optimizes utilization of cloud-based software
  • Came to Imaginary in 2014 for assistance with a customer portal

Technology Highlights

Ubuntu, Nginx, PostgreSQL, Gunicorn, Supervisord, Fabric, jQuery, Tastypie, django-crispy-forms, django-parsley, django-extensions, South.  Third-party integrations: Google Charts.  Hosting: Client-managed private hosting.



Quick List

  • Not-for-profit Christian publisher and distributer 
  • Large international seller of  books, bibles and other literature, both printed and electronic
  • Engaged Imaginary Landscape in 2009 to supplement their internal Django team


Debian 6, Nginx, Git, Xapian, Supervisor, Gunicorn, Amazon EC3, S3 and DynamoDB, Memcached, PostgreSQL, CAS, beautifulsoup, LXML, South, django-compressor, django-debug-toolbar, django-haystack, johnny-cache and sorl-thumbnail.  Third-party integrations: Goodreads, UPS, MailChimp, Authorize.net, ShareThis and USPS. Hosting: Client-managed Amazon EC2.

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