Django Admin Snippets

August 29, 2011 9:47 a.m.

At its minimum, the Django Admin is an effective tool for viewing and manipulating data within a Django database.  At its max, it can be a robust application allowing clients and administrators to better manage their web applications.  

This article aims to highlight some of the admin customizations that I find particularly useful when trying to make the admin more than just a data browsing tool.  If you’d like to follow along with this tutorial, you may view the associated, fully-functional Django Application at github:  The purpose of this application is simply to demonstrate ...

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Looking for the right Djangonaut

August 03, 2011 10:37 a.m.

Right off the bat I'll admit bias.  I think Imaginary Landscape is a great place to work.  We've been around since 1995 and programming in Python since 1999.  We are a 4-time sponsor of PyCon and a 3-time sponsor of DjangoCon.  We hosted the first ChiPy meeting and are actively involved in Chicago Djangonauts.  Imaginary was instrumental in getting DjangoCon US 2013 to Chicago.  We are committed to making Chicago the center of the universe for Django.

Throughout the years, some great people have worked with Imaginary.  Take a look at some of our staff and contractor alum ...

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