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Brian Moloney

Startups and Django

Brian Moloney—Owner

January 21, 2013


We've been working with more and more startups that are already using or have decided to use Django for their new web-based businesses.

It's exciting.

We've known for some time that Django is well suited for the kind of rapid iterations required for start-up firms. Now that Django has matured as a framework, there are ample examples of its ability to scale to the highest levels (Pinterest, Instagram, Disqus to name a few). 

Over the past year, we've worked with a number of start-ups worldwide that have chosen Django as their underlying technology.  Their initial decision seems based upon Django's promise of rapid development and then reinforced by Django's scalability.

Regardless of why, our impression is that Django is in favor with start-ups.  Here's a sampling of some start-up work we've done in the past year.

We've worked with a fantasy sports start-up and helped them design a game creation engine that allows for on-the-fly fantasy sports contests, including intra-game contests.  In addition, we created a credit and ecommerce system and integrated a third-party statistical feed.

Another startup client is a new Chicago-based social networking company that has found an interesting way to monetize its users.  We reconstructed their initial prototype site, added ecommerce, created syndicated functionality and have been working in partnership with them as they progress through the start-up life cycle.

Along the way, we've helped an Italian start-up integrate both Paypal and GestPay to handle local and international payments.  We're working with a local mobile development firm, handling the back-end of a new mobile commerce application.  We've continued our collaboration with the MIT Mobile Experience Laboratory and assisted with their Open Locast platform, which enables rapid deployment of location-based media platforms (okay, not technically a "start-up" but it definitely feels like one!)

We've learned a lot about start-ups as well.  Namely, they work on the edge of technology and tend to do interesting things.  Sometimes, the live-on-the-edge nature of start-ups can be unnerving, but overall we like the energy and look forward to working with more in the coming year.

And, given how 2013 has started, it looks like we'll get our wish.


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