Django CMS Plugin Authenticated User Variations

January 11, 2016 1:14 p.m.

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In a recent project using django CMS, we found ourselves in need of serving alternate plugin content to authenticated users. This is not the first time a request such as this has been made, and on past occasions we went for a simple approach of naming separate placeholders for the alternative content in the template, and conditionally toggling visibility.

In this instance, however, the layout of the page and scope of the requirement called for a less rigid approach. Our custom django CMS plugin ...

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A Python Solution for Making Custom PDFs from HTML

December 22, 2015 9:51 a.m.

The client wanted to give their users the option of printing completed forms to a pdf file. They also wanted the pdf to be rendered with formatting and style that varied slightly from the online display of the completed form, and so desired a solution other than the browser’s own print function. The open-source Reportlab library is a popular solution for generating on-the-fly pdfs, and the xhtml2pdf library, which depends on Reportlab, offers a relatively easy way to convert an html web page to pdf while (more-or-less) preserving css styles. For these reasons, we chose an approach using xhtml2pdf ...

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Geo+Django: Geo Beyond the Django slides

September 02, 2014 3:37 p.m.

Hot off the presses!  Slides from Joe Jasinski's DjangoCon US 2014 presentation,


Geo+Django: Geo Beyond the Django

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Django and IPython Notebook

May 05, 2014 10:48 a.m.

The IPython Notebook is a really cool application, and I've always wanted to use it during Django development and debugging.  The only problem is that it requires a lot of dependencies and I feel no need to encumber my production projects with those dependencies for a feature that I only plan to use in development on my desktop.  Specifically, the http version of IPython Notebook requires jinja2, tornado, pyzmq (and libzmq3), and markupsafe.  

Ideally, I'd be able to install these dependencies only for development, and recently I figured out a workable way to accomplish this.  I figured that ...

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Getting Started Contributing to Django

December 05, 2013 3:21 p.m.

Recently I had the opportunity to attend the DjangoCon Sprint here in Chicago (see related post).  One of my big take-aways from the event was that contributing to Django isn’t as daunting as I previously thought. The process is mostly straightforward and the Django team has gone a long way to make the process of contributing relatively painless.  I’ve decided to write a small article on how to get started and where to look.  Hopefully this helps you begin, but it is no replacement for all the great information provided by the Django team.

The first page I ...

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